State Of The Farm – January 2022

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Leatherwood Farm at this time is a Vegepod filled with (too many) vegetables, fruits and herbs.

Not a lot is producing at the moment, though we have had a fair amount of lettuce, silverbeet and radishes, as well as the herbs, and there is certainly plenty of growth.  The tomatoes are starting to fruit and we’ve noticed that the beetroot are getting bigger.  There is a nice big jalapeño chilli behind all the foliage, and we have a few other capsicums growing too.

There’s a worm farm under that rock too.  Made from an old plant pot and sunk into the soil.  The worms get scraps and make their vermicompost (worm castings, or worm poo) which they deposit throughout the bed.

Unfortunately we’ve had a bit of a problem with cabbage moth caterpillars eating the broccoli, and aphids on the Brussels sprouts and wombok, despite the lid being closed most of the time, but we’re spraying with a natural insecticide to try and control their numbers.

The Vegepod is a great thing.  We bought it a month or so ago and it’s been doing really well.  It was easily assembled, it has a cover (and we have the winter cover too – which acts like a greenhouse to extend the seasons a bit).  It has built in misting sprinklers that we have set on a timer, and it also has wicking beds below that store excess water that keeps the lower levels of the soil moist for the plants on hot dry days.

Here’s a photo of the Vegepod when it is closed up.


Vegepod vegetable garden with closed mesh lid

In terms of the future farm, we have selected a property, and we are currently in the process of purchasing it.  The bank loan is approved, and we’re currently waiting for the documentation to come through to finalise the purchase.  Once that’s done it’s up to the conveyancers to do their conveyancing and we wait until the settlement afterwhich we can move.  Settlement is currently set for mid March.  Our current rental lease expires in April so we’re happy to wait and plan.