State Of The Farm – August 2022

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It’s been a few months since our last entry, mostly because not much has happened that was worth reporting, plus in the last month I started a new job and was quite busy with that.

That said, there has been a bit that has happened at the farm.  For one the poly tunnel is now in, and so are the garden beds.  There was a bit of a debacle that went along with that as I initially purchased the items from a company that didn’t send the goods and I had to get the credit card company to refund me so I could repurchase them from another company.  Eventually they arrived and I started putting them together.

Inside the poly tunnel are garden beds, and inside the garden beds are Mr Stacky hydroponic vertical tower gardens.  Each tower has multiple levels, and each level has four plants.  The towers are watered from the top and water trickles down from the top beds to the ones below it and eventually any remaining water will end up in the garden bed below.  They use coco-coir media for the plants and traditionally would have fertiliser added to the water, but a new way to do it is to add organic fertiliser pellets to the media that needs to be replaced every three months.  They only get water for a few minutes a few times a day and this is sufficient to keep the plants moist and happy as the coco retains moisture and added perlite helps with oxygenation.

I have all the coco and perlite ready to go.  This week I should be collecting the drip irrigation system and will have to install that, and in a few weeks a huge delivery of raised garden bed soil mix will be arriving along with an equally huge pile of bark chips for the paths.

In the mean time we have some seeds germinating indoors on heat pads.  Some have already germinated and hopefully they will be ready to go into the garden once they have been hardened off and the beds are ready.

We did harvest some of the lettuce and wombok (Chinese cabbage) that was in the Vegepod.

I hope that the next post will show some change to the garden and we’ll actually have some plants growing there.