by | 30 Apr 2022 | State Of The Farm | 0 comments

Another month has passed and we are still busy working on the inside of the house.  A few delays have pushed out our plans for the garden, but we are still on track to get everything completed by the end of winter and ready for the new growing season.

The only thing we have planted this month is the garlic which has gone into the Vegepod, as it is the only garden bed available to us at the moment.  Hopefully the garlic won’t have any issue with the watering which happens  automatically once daily – we will have to see.

One thing that did happen was that our 11,250 litre water tank was delivered.  Unfortunately it isn’t able to go where I had initially planned behind the garage due to a drainage channel that exists.  I could have built something over that so that the tank could still go there, but that would have required a bit of engineering to withstand the 11+ tons of water.  I decided instead to rather place the tank next to the garage, and I will have to rearrange the garden beds when they arrive to compensate.  I’ve worked it all out and it should be fine.  I still have to get it all connected up, and sort out the irrigation, but that can be done later once the garden beds are in place.

The base of the water tank was created by removing the grass and levelling the ground, then inserting wooden edges that are held in place by steel pegs and the surrounding land, and filled with 6mm crusher dust.

That’s all there is to report this month, but we should start seeing some changed outside towards the end of May.